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Option Beginner provides on-demand education courses and resources for options traders

Learn how you can become a successful options trader following our proven system.

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what we do

why we do it



What we do

Through education, we empower people to make smarter trades.

If you’ve tried to trade options before, chances are you lost a ton of money. It’s not your fault, really. The learning curve to mastering options is steep and very few find success in this game: how do you choose the correct expiration date? How big should your position size be? Does volatility really matter? The questions are endless. We’ll help you be part of that group. Here’s what we offer our community:

Honesty &  Transparency

The financial education sector is littered with dishonest people preying on beginners. We vow to always tell you the truth, even when it hurts.

Personalized Content

Joining us means joining a family. You are not a number. We promise to be responsive in community and answer personalized questions.

Easy-to-Follow Education

Learning options shouldn’t be complicated; it’s just a leveraging strategy to make money in the markets. We keep things simple and profitable.

why we do it

We’ve been exactly where you are now and we get it.

When you trade options, you may strike a few good wins and feel good, but over the long haul you will never stay profitable if you don’t have the proper strategies in place and a consistent plan to yield consistent profits. We’ve been option trading beginners and we know exactly how you feel. We’ll show you how to develop a strategy that works, and a plan personalized to where you are in your trading journey.


This is where we brag about how great we are.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to join our community (even though we want you to). Unlike most education services that focus on selling new shiny gizmos, indicators and upsells that you don’t need, we focus on education, because we don’t need your money. While we know we could sell our courses for premium prices, we offer them to our members for free because it’s the right thing to do.